How might we cultivate trusting relationships, teams, and cultures that can innovate and thrive while pursuing the future we want?


This intensive delivers frameworks and practices from the Art of Hosting, Mobius Method, mindfulness and the Leading Change Institute. Participants learn by doing, co-facilitating sessions with trainers, leaving the intensive with a robust set of practices that foster trusting relationships, distribute leadership across teams and communities of service, and generate new possibilities for purposeful action for a better world. The intensive provides an opportunity to pause, meaningfully reflect on purpose and culture, and prioritize where you’re placing your attention.



Individuals and teams seeking to develop their capacity to build relationships and facilitate effective meetings or gatherings.


Saturday, August 3rd – Monday, August 5th, 2019


Warren Wilson College in Swannanoa, North Carolina


Status Quo – “Business as Usual”

Even with the best intentions, work within mission-driven teams and organizations can involve experiences of polarization, unhealthy power dynamics, and an absence of connection and trust. Teams and organizations often work with limited, outdated leadership toolkits that aren’t adaptive enough for the complexity of our times, making it feel impossible to experience personal fulfillment and make change at a meaningful scale. What results is a culture where individuals and teams are unable to effectively navigate conflict or move forward in a productive way.

Possibility – “The Future we Want”

The first step in creating meaningful change is to give yourself critical time to reflect: “What kind of relationships and cultures would be fulfilling to me and impactful in the world? What tools and practices do I need to create them?”  Teams and organizations need a robust set of practices that foster trusting relationships and embrace diverse individual perspectives and skills. Healthy teams are able to metabolize the gridlock of conflict into creativity and innovative solutions, unlocking the potential in a system.

Leading Change is designed to transform existing dynamics, introducing a set of flexible tools and strategies from the worlds of facilitation, mindfulness, embodiment, systems thinking, and leadership development for diagnosing what’s needed, and designing conditions for a team to thrive and be effective.




A selection of outcomes and participant reflections from past Leading Change experiences:


report increased trust within their team as a result of participating in the training together.


report increased confidence in their ability to lead change.


report an increased ability to facilitate conversations that matter.

“The weekend was a powerful manifestation of what is possible when a group of people comes together, each answering their own sense of calling, each committed to their own self-mastery in service to a world where all can thrive.  The positive co-creative energy of the learning environment kept building throughout the whole weekend.”

“This was an incredibly valuable training. I learned and practiced a variety of different approaches with my team that we are already implementing in our community. The trainers are skilled, thoughtful, and inspiring. I highly recommend this training to teams who host meetings or conversations with diverse groups of people.”

“The facilitators demonstrated what it is to practice, increasingly embodying the essence of the concepts, principles, and ways of being they were teaching.  Through their authentic practice, they invited others to do the same.”

“The Leading Change Training had me from the moment it began. We began our time together in our bodies, as a collective, in circle practice and were heartily welcomed to participate fully and wholly in the training. Each hour brought illumination, more questions, and tangible methodologies to champion systemic injustice.”

“This is by far the most impactful training I have ever attended. It has given me the confidence to lead others through exercises that are not typically seen in professional meetings, but can have tremendous impact.

“My experience felt alive, relevant, and meaningful. It also felt very unique to me, and I appreciated our diversity and everyone’s unique contributions, as well as the support and encouragement to bring my own unique contributions.”

“I anticipated that this training would help me find a graceful way to transition out of my current work setting. Instead, I found renewed reasons to stay at it and ways to engage others around me, with similar frustrations, to start working toward meaningful change.”

“This training caused a powerful shift in our internal team dynamics, and externally as well. Our team is practicing distributed leadership and engaging our community partners in a completely different way. We were searching for a way to be more authentic, connected, and effective. We found it at this training! The highly skilled facilitators offered real tools for change and coached us to practice what we were learning. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to do things differently.”